Monday, January 19, 2009

Where, Oh Where are the Reasonably Priced Apartments?

With current state of the housing market, my hopes of getting my dream home by age 25 have been put on hold—until the market changes (hey—I know what you’re thinking. I recently celebrated the second anniversary of my 25thJ). Not only is the housing market a wreck, I am beginning to be very sick of overpriced, undersized apartments. Especially in the Northeast, it just seems like apartments are smaller and more expensive than ever.

I’ve been looking at less than desirable markets lately (less desirable because I never considered moving to these places—ever). With the recent blast of artic weather and lack of quality housing, I’ve suddenly become interested in Dallas, Texas. Why Texas? Well…I’m not sure. I actually hate the Cowboys and I am not a fan of the state (for my own reasons that I care not to discuss in this blog). But, I visited the Power Properties website and found some extremely good deals on quality living arrangements.

Not only is Power Properties offering future residents a chance to win six months of free living, they offer spacious and trendy apartments in both loft-style apartments and historic-styled buildings. Can you believe it east coasters? I actually saw an apartment over 800 sq. feet for $685 per month. Shucks, I didn’t think apartments under $1,000/mth even existed anymore. Another thing I like about Power Properties is that there are no secrets on how the apartments look. There are ample pictures, floor plans, and testimonials right there on the website.

Never mind—on second thought, I wouldn’t want to move to Texas. But after visiting the Power Properties website, I sure thought about it long and hard.

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