Thursday, February 12, 2009

Love is in the Air

Ahhhh--love is in the air! Can't you just smell it? The aroma of fresh roses, chocolates, and homemade Valentine's Day cupcakes--I just love this holiday. Ten years ago, I was the bitter non-believer who hated Valentine's day. I did not see the point of getting all giddy over one day in the year. Granted, I was bitter at that time because I dated jerks who did not understand the meaning of this special day. Upon meeting the love of my life, that all changed however.

When my love surprised me with a beautiful bouquet of my favorite flowers, it was that very moment that I began to adore this day. Love is a beautiful thing--and no matter whether you are showered with gifts, flowers, or decedent chocolates--taking one day to celebrate the people that you love is simply priceless. This Valentine's Day, I want to give thanks for all the people that I love in my life--as well as the love of my life.

I've decorated the apartment with festive Valentine's Day decorations, some 1800 Flowers lilac flowers and I have a lovely pre-Valentine's day of baking planned for tomorrow. This day only comes once a year--so why not take the time to celebrate it. And yes...did I happen to mention that it's my anniversary as well? Oh boy! Two in one...I can't wait. Love is definitely in the air!