Monday, January 19, 2009

Taxi Please

I came across an interesting blurb on Amos Tamam, and innovator of the taxi service. Although my experience with cabs as a teenagers quickly prompted me to save my money and purchase a vehicle of my own (those meters go up fast!), I’ve always been interested in how someone can actually innovate taxi service.

Well, I discovered that Amos Tamam actually made it possible to pay for a taxi ride with a credit card. Whohooo to that! I was wondering what would happen if you happened to get stuck someone with no cash. That innovation was needed. Amos Tamam is also credited with helping to develop one of the world’s leading Taxometers (not quite sure what the dynamics of this are, but it sounds very innovative). Unfortunately, his innovations are limited to New York and Philadelphia cabs. I frequent these cities often, so maybe, just maybe, I’ll catch a ride in one of his cabs.

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