Monday, January 19, 2009

Investing During a Recession

Ahhhh…the recession. We are living in tough times right now. People losing their jobs, stock market is doing ridiculously bad, housing in a downward spiral—what’s a young investor to do? During a down time like this, it is actually an optimal time to learn as much as you can about investing. Bad times don’t last forever, and as things slowly creep back up to normal (whether it’s three months or three years), we can equip ourselves with top knowledge that will allow us to make the best investments for our future. is a top educational finance site and one can seek expert advice from money gurus such as Susie Orman, David Ramsey, Robert Kiosaki and even from Norman Steisel, Deputy Mayor of NYC. In fact, Norman Steisel is the first Deputy Mayor of New York. Advice from this guy is valued because he oversaw the major overhaul in the city’s budget and has been instrumental in major financial decisions made for the city. Norman Steisel Deputy Mayor of New York is just one example of someone that may hold the key to financial knowledge. The underlying point is this: get expert advice, in combination with logical thinking and you can put yourself in a good place when it is time to invest. More to come on this topic…

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