Monday, January 19, 2009

All my 55 and Older Friends…Retirement is Right around the Corner

Yes—to all my 55+ family and friends, retirement is right around the corner (and I know what all my twenty-something friends are thinking—I am cool with people of all ages). Even with news of the recession (heck—the depression—it is what it is), baby boomers nationwide are still looking forward to retirement in the next few years. Andy Barkate’s retirement planning firm in California specializes in assisting seniors with all issues regarding retirement.

If you are not sure about how the recession will affect your retirement, I suggest seeking council from firms like Andy Barkate’s. His firm deals with the following: tax advantaged investments; corporate pension and profit sharing, IRA rollovers, index annuities, estate planning, fixed annuities and 401(k), 412(i) and 457 deferred comp plans, employer/employee benefit plans, 419 welfare benefits plans, traditional and Roth IRAs, SEP IRAs, Educational IRAs, 529 educational plans and structured settlements. Too bad Andy Barkate’s firm is located in California. For all non-residents of California, I’m sure that there are firms this too. Be careful though. Make sure that you are educated enough to make the executive decision. The firm should not make your decisions, but provide guidance.

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Leroy said...

Retirement is right around the corner for me. I might be older but I really want look at it as being wiser with age.