Monday, March 16, 2009

These Tough Economic Times

I've been pondering remedies for stress lately--stress that is all a result of these tough economic times. Our nation is under tremendous turmoil. People losing jobs and struggling to get by. Last year, I was an independent contractor--and it was pretty lucrative. This year, the competition is fierce, there are less opportunities...which means that my passion and career is taking a hard hit.

Upon visiting the Renew International website , I realized that spirituality is definitely something that will get me through this economic storm. In the past few weeks, I thought about this: now is a perfect time for faith restored. Renew International and their commitment to changing lives through religion and spirituality has made me realize (and hopefully other people will catch on as well) that we must now depend on our spiritual base and each other to get by--as opposed to material things. Although I am not claiming any religious denomination (Renew International is a Catholic based organization), I'm sure that many religious groups around the world are here to help ease our worries about these tough economic times.