Monday, January 19, 2009

Mexican Food—Caliente!

Although I’ve am concentrating on African and Asian cuisine in the next few months, I was just recently reminded of my love of Mexican food. I scrolled over Hector Kabande’s blog and I must admit—this guy’s blog is growing on me. He’s a family man and a lover of international cuisine (qualities that my husband and I both share). Now, I am into living a healthier lifestyle, but I saw some recipes on Hector Kabande’s blog that are very appealing.

Hector Kabande loves Mexican food—and so do I! At first, I hated spicy foods. My parents never incorporated spicy foods into our meals and my tongue was not accustomed to spicy foods. That all changed when I met my husband—now, my tongue is more tolerant of spicy foods (which is a staple of many international dishes). On his blog, Hector has recipes for a Tortilla Casserole and Roasted Chili Peppers that I must try immediately. I think I’m going to have to change my course of plans and insert a Mexican cuisine day. Caliente!

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