Monday, January 19, 2009

The Happiness of Pets

For some reason, when I was younger I always believed that happiness is pets. Although my parents didn’t allow them in the house, I continuously begged for a puppy year after year. I’d wake up every Christmas morning, hoping and wishing for a puppy under the tree. This “happiness is pets” attitude came from the first time I visited the pet store at White Marsh mall. My mother didn’t really want to go into the store, but she knew that I had a burning desire to hold a puppy for the first time.

I was only ten years old, but I could see the look of love and caring in the puppy’s eyes. That golden retriever wanted me to take him home. The relentless begging and whining did no good however. I was a straight A student with a ton of responsibility, but I was carefully warned, “When you turn 18 and get your own house, then you can get one—but for now…the answer is NO!”

A few months ago, I turned 25…no, 27 (goodness, I still forget that I am drifting closer towards my 30s). Anyways, my “happiness is pets” attitude is still very much apart of my life. My cousin gave me a Yorkie to keep. Unfortunately, the mother grew too attached to the puppy, so they took it right back. Nonetheless, I was so attached to my little friend. I had found happiness in that puppy. I also had one lesson reinforced. If you want happiness, you can never depend on someone else to give it to you. With that said, I’ll be going shopping for a new puppy of my own this summer.

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