Wednesday, December 17, 2008

She's Got... Great Customer Service!

Gone are the days when businesses provide optimal customer service. Nine times out of ten, if you are having concerns with an item or service that you purchased, you end up taking many unnecessary steps in order to get things resolved. A good friend of mine recently complained about a major phone company (no names mentioned here--but I'm sure you all know who I'm talking about). This friend simply wanted spend his hard earned money to upgrade an existing service; however, he was given the major run-around and had to end up cancelling service with this company. I do understand that some of these companies have thousands of patrons to deal with each day, but what ever happened to quality customer service? You know the kind where the "customer is always right."

Yesterday, I happened to cross paths with one of those companies--and by golly, my faith in good customer service has been restored! As a shapely gal (yes--I am proud of my size 14/16), I do most of my shopping online. I like specialty stores that carry fashionable and trendy clothes for plus size women. I don't know about all my other plus size ladies, but the trendy+fashionable+plus size combination is a pretty difficult one to find. Although clothing for the normal size woman has gotten more fashionable, I'm not even going to get started on how difficult it is for me to find clothes.

Nonetheless, I was shopping online at one of my absolute favorite plus size retailers: Shes Got Curves. They have fashionable couture for plus size women--all at economy-friendly prices. As soon as I clicked on the home page, I saw this must-have dress--they call it Incognito. I pictured how many heads I'd turn walking into the room with this get up..."Oh...ahhh...Who's that girl in that fabulous dress?" My dreams were crushed when I went to order and noticed that it was pre-order only. How was I going to turn heads this New Year's Eve in Vegas if I didn't have the dress?

To make a long story short (being long-winded is the English major's curse), I emailed customer service and they responded immediately. The She's Got Curves customer service representative was sympathetic enough to request the dress from the designer so that I would receive it before leaving for my trip. Additionally, when the designer could not fulfill my request, She's Got Curves even offered to help "find me another piece" that looked like the one I couldn't have. Finally, to put the icing on the cake, the person on the opposite end of my email read my blogs and instantaneously became a TonyaT follower. I can't even get people that I've known for twenty years to follow and read my blogs!

What are the odds? She's Got Curves offers more than snazzy outfits--She's Got...GREAT customer service too!


Maria said...

I am a women 55 years old and proud of the way I look! Plus size women of all ages have come a long way. I never took the time to shop on line, but I will certainly look into it. Good Article!

SimonaOnae' said...

Thank you so much for intoducing us to your blog. We appreciate you and all of our customers. The definition of customer service will always be defined @ SGC. The customer is always right and we mean just that.

Have a blessed Holiday !