Friday, December 5, 2008

Bye Bye Bratz

Call me a big kid--but I actually love the Bratz dolls! They are a more trendier and diverse version of Mattel's Barbie doll collection. As a young tot, I liked Barbies--but I wasn't in love with them. Besides having little variety and choice, my brother would pop the heads off and fling them high across the room. When replacing the head on the Barbie dolls, they didn't look the same. However, I tested a Bratz doll a few years back--I removed the head and replaced it: miraculously, the doll looked the same when I replaced the head. Amazing. Nonetheless, in a recent court battle, Mattel has ordered the doll to be removed from shelves after Christmas. It was discovered that Bratz was created by a former Mattel employee. Come on!! Isn't this a capitalistic society? Mattel is jealous and outraged because the Bratz dolls are bringing in more revenue than Barbies? I don't see the problem with creating a trendier doll, but I guess nowadays, you can innovate something without being taken to the cleaners. Mattel isn't just pulling dolls off the shelves, they're taking away some one's livelihood--AND they are disappointing thousands of little girls worldwide. For goodness sakes--there was even a Bratz movie! Oh well--Bye Bye Bratz!


Anonymous said...

That's a travesty that they're taking away the Bratz dolls. Thanks God I purchased one this past weekend for my niece.

Anonymous said...

HAHA--I know! They claim to still have some for the holiday season, but after that...they are going bye-bye. Get them while you can!