Monday, December 15, 2008

My Sour Mood

I'm in a sour mood today--I feel like the taste of squeezed lemons. First, my Ravens lost to a bogus call yesterday. That was NOT a touchdown Pittsburgh! How could they make that call in OUR home?!?! What a crock! Second, I lost my fantasy game because my vets didn't come through with necessary points. T.J. and Marvin Harrison didn't contribute ANYTHING. I should have known not to choose an oldie, but goodie for my starting squad. According to the projections, Marvin was supposed to be a sleeper? Yeah...he literately slept out the entire season. What a bum! Now...I have to fight for third place next. Granted, I did pretty darn well in my league--considering I am the ONLY female in the league. Goodness--you all don't understand the flack I had to go through in the gym, "Why are you in it? You aren't going to be able to pick the teams well because you're a woman." How sexist is that? Because this woman was a mere two games away from winning the championship game! Although third isn't as good as first, I guess I should be proud of myself. Maybe I can teach the other loser guys my strategy before draft time next year. HA!


Maria said...

I was in a good mood even though the Ravens lost. They will do better the next time.

Will said...

If you came in third place, their is no need to feel sorry for yourself. Instead, look at coming in third place as an accomplishment.