Sunday, December 7, 2008

Battle of the Beltways: Baldimore Vs. The Deadskins

Battle of beltways tonight. I'm a little torn because I have close ties to both cities. While Baltimore is my hometown (that's right--not too scared to admit that I am Baltimore born and raised--City Forever!), I have been in love with the district for quite some time now. I love the diversity and social atmosphere of DC. Although the structure and street labeling nearly, along with morning traffic, nearly drive me BONKERS--the DC/Metro area is my second home. I went to College Park (home of the Terrapins), which is in close proximity to DC. I've had numerous gigs there--and most importantly, I've had some get-down boogie moments in some of hottest night clubs on the east coast.

For a while, there has been an annual tradition for both of our area's football teams to play each other--the battle of the beltways. Only 45 minutes and two major beltways lie between the Baltimore Ravens and the Washington Redskins. Am I a fan of both? Of course--I have players on both teams that I am counting on for my fantasy team. But in all honesty, I believe that all the hype for no reason. We ALL know who's going to win. Jason's Campbell's short passes will not work on the Raven's defense. Additionally, I believe the offense will come through and help to win the game for my hometown. My allegiance goes to my home town. Go Ravens!!

You KNOW you're from BMORE when (none of these apply to me--because I know longer rep Bmore--I'm getting a little too grown for reppin a city don't you think?):

1. You say "DUG" instead of "DOG."

2. People from New York say that you are a country bumpkin because you say "Two" funny.

3. You make room on your calendar for the annual City/Poly game rivalry.

4. You type Baldimore into your GPS instead of BALTIMORE.

5. You have a small urge (even if you haven't eaten it in a while) for a chicken box, extra pepper/extra salt--with a half and half on the side.

6. You're over 21 and you STILL go to the Paradox.

7. You own more than one CLUB CD (R.I.P. K Swift).

8. 92Q is programmed in your car.

9. You've had a crazy bee-hive hairdo at some point in your life.

10. In the late 80s, you can ate at Mama Lucia's before heading to a baseball game at Memorial stadium--before they tore it down that is...


Tawnee said...

HAHA everyone! Although NO ONE has commented...Baltimore won! Hooray! Each dirt skins! HAHA

Anonymous said...

The Ravens laid the smackdown on them Deadskins. There is no rivalry in the Beltway.

Anonymous said...

Yes! Maybe one year the Redskins will be competition, eh? My fantasy team is the BOMB! I'm going for the championship!

Leroy said...

The Ravens really should have beat the Steelers. They went into the game thinking a few field goals will be good enough. Sorry, not against good teams.
Also, that was not a touchdown at the end of the game. What a bad call!
This weekend the Ravens will beat the Cowboys.