Thursday, December 4, 2008

Extra, Extra Read ALL About It: Shapely Girl News Here

Greetings to all my fitness enthusiasts and plus size divas! Ever desire the perfect workout that caters to the needs of shapely women? Well--look no further! Let's Get Steppin! is available in approximately 24 hours. As a Shapely Girl Fitness model, I can tell you that the workout is invigorating--while at the same time it helps women to appreciate their natural curves. Debra and the team put lots of hard work into this video, so if you're interested in the workout (or just want to support the Shapely Girl mission), order a copy from the Shapely Girl website,, or Collage Videos.

Happy Health and Fitness!


Anonymous said...

It's nice to see "shapely" women gettin their workout on.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Everyone has to start somewhere. Seeing other shapely women helps to make me feel comfortable at the gym. Everyone is not a twig.